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Air Magna 150


Outdoor air split-heat pump for family houses and apartment buildings

- Heating and cooling for radiator- and underfloor- heating systems
- 230/1/50Hz or 400/3/50Hz
- Scroll- compressor
- 65°C supply line temperature
- Stainless steel water tank 150/200L
- Integrated heat pump and brine pump
- Integrated electric immersion heater
- LCD display


Air Magna 150 with electric compressor for monovalent use in heating/cooling systems and processing water treatment plants. With an integrated circulation pump for the heating circuit, a three-way revert valve, an integrated 150 or 200L stainless steel water tank, an integrated immersion heater with 3/6/9kW, controlled by atmospheric conditions. Supply line temperatures of up to 65°C. High safety and reliability. The integrated brine pump and heating circuit pump makes the Air Magna 150 a compact heating station for family houses and apartment buildings.
Refrigerant R407C.


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