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Geothermal Heat Pumps
Heat pumps using brine or ground water  as the energy source. Using a geothermal heat pump reduces heating costs by up to 75%. Furthermore, it is possible to use this energy for natural cooling (alternatively active cooling) in summer. For one-family houses and apartment buildings up to a heating capacity of 60 kW and for applications in the  industrial sector with a heating capacity of up to 2300 kW.
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Air Heat Pumps
Using the surrounding air, the Air Heat Pump generates heat, coolness and hot water. You can reduce heating cost by about 50 % by installing an Air Heat Pump. Also, it is not necessary to install solar collectors (flat plate collectors, trench collectors or depth drilling), which means that installation costs are lower than for regular Geothermal Heat Pumps. For family houses and apartment buildings with a heat capacity of up to 66kW,  for industrial applications with a heat capacity of up to 860kW and for cascade connections, a performance of up to 4224kW is possible.
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Solar Collectors
Solar flat plate collectors and high-capacity vacuum-tube collectors (according to the Heat Pipe principle) for industrial water treatment and partial-solar space heating for family houses and apartment buildings as well as for housebuilding and the construction of additional stories.
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ANTEK's photovoltaic modules are highly-efficient solar cells with an aluminum frame incl. connecting cable and connectors with integrated „Bypaadiodes.“ Application to stand-alone pholovotaics-systems, or grid-connected pholovotaics-systems.
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Wood Pellet Furnace
The Living-Room Wood Pellet Furnace is used for central room heating and water-treatment; with a pellets storage tank and steel or tile covering. Depending on the construction, a controller and circulation pump are integrated. Independent from the surrounding air, appropriate for low-energy houses and passive houses.
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Tanks for heat pumps and solar systems.
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Ventilation Devices
Ventilation devices with a high  level of heat recovery. For application to family houses and apartment buildings as well as for housebuilding, the construction of additional stories and for  industrial properties.
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Wind Energy
Axial and radial wind power plants for the use in small constructions. Available as stand-alone device or net-coupled construction.
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Air Conditioning Equipment
Air conditioning equipment such as fan coils. Applicable in housebuilding and the construction of additional stories as well as in business and industrial complexes.
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